Beautiful quotes about love from legendary rock musicians

Rock musicians are famous for their badassery, explosive personalities, and scandalous behavior, yet they still maintain a touch of sensitivity and emotional romanticism. They aren’t afraid to be genuine and open. The huge amount of love-infused rock ballads is just further proof. Want to add a beautiful quote about love to your birthday wishes? The Slovesno team has gathered a collection of touching phrases from legendary musicians.

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow”

John Lennon, The Beatles

“One year of love is better than a lifetime alone”

Freddie Mercury, Queen

Love quote with a see view

“Fear is where there is no love. Love is where there is no fear”

Axl Rose, Guns N’ Roses 

“Love is stronger than justice”


„When I looked into her eyes, I saw an invisible spirit of something that I already loved.“

Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Once you fall in love… It’s different”.

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana

Love quote with a foggy wood view

“The road to love is full of danger signs”

Elvis Presley

“You can never be wise and be in love at the same time”

Bob Dylan

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