July 6 – World Kissing Day: greetings and beautiful images

A kiss is the gentlest expression of true feelings. On July 6th, we traditionally celebrate World Kissing Day! Greet your loved ones on this sentimental occasion.

On July 6th, the world celebrates World Kissing Day. The holiday was initiated in the 19th century by the British, who believed that a kiss deserved special attention. We completely agree with them. Each year, various contests, themed competitions, and festivals are held on this day. Participants win prizes for “longest kiss” or “most passionate kiss,” for example. Organize such competitions at home with your partner. First place is guaranteed. And let’s start this festive day with heartfelt greetings, collected for you by the Slovesno team.


On this enchanting day, my heart dances in pure bliss for the love we share. With every touch of our lips, I feel a universe of tenderness and passion. Sending you a galaxy of affectionate wishes and countless kisses, my beloved.


On this World Kissing Day, my love,

Sending kisses from me, high above.

They travel with warmth and sweet embrace,

Symbolizing our love, filling every space.


Cute picture on World Kissing Day with two lovers.


Happy World Kissing Day, my love! With each sweet kiss, my heart soars with joy. You are my everything, and I’m grateful for every moment we share. Sending you an abundance of warm kisses and love today and always.


From my lips to yours, a tender peck,

Bringing joy and love, with every neck.

Happy World Kissing Day, my dear,

May our love’s magic always be near.


Cute picture on World Kissing Day with pink lipstick


On this special day, I’m smitten by your love. Your kisses ignite a fire within me, filling my world with bliss. Here’s a shower of heartfelt kisses, straight from my heart to yours. Love you to the moon and back, now and forever.


Happy World Kissing Day, my sweetheart! Your kisses are like magic, enchanting my soul with their sweet touch. Today and always, I’m sending you an ocean of affectionate kisses, wrapping you in the warmth of my love. You mean the world to me.

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